House Manual...
Most information you will need for the house is below and also in the house folder in the sunroom.
FIRE EXTINGUISHER and FIRE BLANKET - in the stairwell (going down to the basement) just off the kitchen.
EMERGENCY INFO - A map to the nearest ER is in the house folder. A FIRST AID KIT is in the bathroom medicine cabinet.
KEY CODE/LOCKING UP  - We will send you the key code shortly before your stay. To lock, press the lock icon while pulling the door towards you so it catches. To lock the sunroom doors, lift the handles up and turn locks clockwise.
INTERNET/WIFI - Our network name is foxcross and the password is DaVinci1.
 This area between towns does not support great WiFi, but we have figured out how to make it work pretty well with our wifi hotspot. Reception is best in the sunroom. Our plan starts out with 14 gigs of high-speed internet per month and the speed is 4g. But once those 14 gigs are used up, it continues but slows to 2g until it is automatically renewed on about the 22nd of each month.
ZOOM (or similar apps) can use anywhere from 5000 megabytes to over 2 gigs of data per hour depending on the image quality. To reduce the data used by as much as 60%, adjust the setting within the Zoom app using the gear in the upper right. Just uncheck “Enable HD”. You can also use less data by turning off your video camera or microphone when you don’t need it.
STREAMING - We ask guests not to stream movies since it eats up the data very quickly. We do have Dish Network and DVDs. 
CELL PHONES - Our iPhones work well almost all of the time even using data only, but there are rare instances when they don’t pick up a signal well. Walking towards the top of the driveway helps. For whatever reason, this happens only periodically.
GROCERIES - In Marshall, 5 minutes away. Left out of the driveway. Just after the train tracks turn left at Old Stockyard Road. The FOOD LION is up on left. Open 7-11 every day.  There is a PICNIC BASKET for your use with utensils and blanket in the downstairs bedroom and a smaller one (for two) in the dining room under the marble table. Feel free to use condiments, spices, etc. in kitchen.
COFFEE/TEA - Keurig regular/capsule brewing machine in kitchen. We also have a french press in the cabinet and extra coffee things below island. Assortment of coffees in refrigerator and teas in the kitchen cabinet.
WATER - We have a deep well and it tests just fine so it you certainly can drink from the tap if you’d like.
TOILETS/SHOWERS (IMPORTANT) - We have a small septic system, so please be careful of what you flush - ABSOLUTELY NO WIPES (even flushable) or sanitary items can be flushed, since they clog our system very quickly. We provide a wastebasket (and little baggies, if you need them) to dispose of these things properly. Also, we ask that larger groups be frugal with water use to avoid overwhelming the septic system.  
KITCHEN GARBAGE/RECYCLING - in cabinet below left of stove. Front bin trash, back bin for glass, plastic and cans. Full bags can be placed in the garbage can and recycling container next to the garage. For longer stays, guests will drop their garbage off a mile down the road in Marshall. See  more info in house manual.
FRONT YARD LAMP - If this light bothers you at night, you can unplug it in the basement. It is plugged into the ceiling across from washer with green ribbon attached. Please plug it back in before you go.
APPLIANCES - OVEN does not turn off automatically. All grease must be put in garbage (not down sink).  
SMOKING  - Please, absolutely no smoking inside the house. 
THERMOSTAT - in the living room. Press like a button and turn outer ring to work. Supplemental heaters have thermostats in the sunroom and downstairs bathroom (underfloor heat) and in the master bedroom (for upstairs baseboard heaters).
ELECTRIC - IF SOME GOES OUT - You probably tripped a circuit breaker. The electrical service panel is located downstairs in the back right corner of the basement. Find circuit breaker(s) facing “off” position or that shows a bit of red. Flip it/them the other way. 
DECK CHAIRS AND CUSHIONS - under a cover on the deck. Please put away before leaving and please don’t bring house furniture or pillows outside. PATIO UMBRELLA is just inside the door in the sunroom. 
FIREWOOD - We usually supply one bundle of firewood on the deck or porch. If you run out, the convenience store in Marshall (on the right) or Tractor Supply (also in Marshall by the Food Lion) carry it.
GRILL and FIRE PIT - Turn off the grill when finished cooking and be sure to put the fire out before going to bed. If you run out of propane, there should be a full canister under the deck. Skewers and other tools are in the sunroom. Please wash and put away when finished. The PIZZA OVEN by the fire pit works great for small pizzas. (Tony’s pizza in town sells us raw dough.) 
WOODSTOVE - Please only use the indoor wood stove if you have experience with one. Call or text if you have questions. The damper is opened by reaching in under the front of the woodstove and pulling the handle towards you. If it is really cold outside you’ll first want to create a warm draft of air going up the chimney by using the heat gun (in the hall closet). Aim the heat gun up the chimney for several minutes before lighting the fire. This will get the smoke going up the chimney rather than into the living room. Please keep the fireplace door closed once the fire is lit. Absolutely all embers must stay inside the woodstove. Absolutely no cooking in the woodstove.
LAWN MOWING - Our guy, Daniel, mows every 10 to 14 days. Call us if you want him to mow earlier. 
MUSIC - The Yamaha receiver under the tv has Bluetooth so you can play music from your device or iPhone throughout the house. Speaker A - in the living room and Speaker B - in the kitchen and sunroom. To connect via Bluetooth connect to “R-S202 Yamaha”.
GAMES - games and puzzles are in the bottom of the china cabinet, a croquet set is in the downstairs hall closet, and badminton things are in the basement stairwells.
TV - To turn on the satellite TV in the living room use the dish remote and press the silver button at the very top left. The TV will come on. If the TV channels don’t show up go to the LG remote and press the input button (upper right). For the channels, you’ll need to scroll using the arrows to “HDMI 2”. For the DVD player, scroll to AV. Then you can use the Sony DVD remote or press button directly on the DVD player.
MOVIES/BOOKS - Over 200 DVDs in the 1st-floor bedroom. Kids DVDs under livingroom TV. DVD players are in the living room and in the master bedroom. Use the input button to scroll to “AV”. Then you can use the DVD remote or just press the buttons on the DVD player. The white adapter cable on main TV to "mirror" movies from your iPhone/iPad. A selection of paperbacks is in the downstairs study/bedroom.
BLANKETS/PILLOWS - Extras in pine cabinet downstairs, master bedroom armoire, and 2nd bedroom closet.
IRON, APPLIANCES, HAIRDRYER, etc. - Iron and small ironing board in the upstairs bathroom closet. Hairdryer below sink in the master bathroom and on wall in main bathroom.
VACUUM - in the downstairs closet if needed (dry spills only, please). 
WASHER/DRYER-  in the basement (basement is for laundry use only, please). 
BABY THINGS - A baby gate is in the closet and a high chair and pack-n-play are in the basement.
METAL ROOF NOISES - When all is quiet during the day, you may notice occasional soft  “bangs” from the roof. Heating from the sun, then cooling sometimes causes the metal panels to expand/contract. Occasionally during high winds, the roof will make noises as well.

Checking Out
 Make sure fires are out.
   Bring in items brought outside (or as you found things originally).
Run dishwasher if dirty dishes are inside (you’ll know it’s on when you see a red light shining on the floor on the lower right front of the dishwasher. Detergent is under sink).
Make sure refrigerator doors are closed tightly (one pops open sometimes when the other is closed).
Close windows and lock sunroom doors. Return back door key to sunroom. Lock front door by pressing lock symbol.
QUESTIONS? It is best to call or text Lina’s cell call or text: 703-868-8135 or Rob's cell at 703-864-3894