Wood-Fired Pizza...

Rob loves making pizza in the little wood-fired pizza oven out back. We think you might enjoy it as well!

Here's a fun, helpful, and inspiring five-minute pizza tutorial by Chef Jamie Oliver:
Keep the pizzas to 5x7” for this small oven and the dough will be easier to handle. Rob likes to prep the pizzas up on the butcher block. You can even take the top off and make them on the deck if it gets too messy! Or use the pizza peel as shown in the video. The pizza peel is hanging in the sunroom.

You can get dough (about $3 a ball) from Anthony’s Pizza in Marshall near the Food Lion. One ball makes three or four little pizzas. We also like the Don Pepino pizza sauce in the yellow can at Food Lion - Italian and simple. Fresh mozzarella is best and we usually have basil growing in the summers out by the deck. We provide a bundle of firewood, but more can be found at The Tractor Supply (next to the Food Lion) or even at The Food Lion in cooler months.
Please, we ask that you clean up afterward, both indoors and out. Thanks and have fun!